Progressive rock music emerged in the late 1960’s to challenge the boundaries of traditional rock & pop music. This saw a more eclectic range of musical influences being explored by bands composing their own material. Toward the end of the 60's some Bands produced "concept" albums exploring a narrative or theme throughout the album tracks - some albums only had one track on each side!! The song writers in Aubrey Small had significantly differing styles, and it was this very diversity which is celebrated in the recordings made and on the live performances given. When considering the album song collection, careful thought was given to the balance between each song and between each album side to ensure that there was meaningful harmony and compatibility.



The band members had similar musical taste and influences ranging from The Beatles to Woody Guthrie, from Crosby Stills Nash and Young to Bob Dylon, and from Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones. These influences were particularly apparent during the process of auditioning, selecting and rehearsing songs drawn from the diverse song writing pool, and without doubt helped to contribute to the overall "Aubrey Small" sound.

Individual members ( some times in collaboration ) wrote songs for the band to consider. The songs were carefully selected and auditioned  by the band and taken forward for further work in rehearsal to refine and shape into an "Aubrey Small"  composition. Sometimes the original song was considerably changed during this process, and sometimes it remained largely as auditioned. The band line-up featured 5 part harmonies, twin guitars & flute which was quite unusual for those times. Much consideration was given to the perfection of the vocal harmonies.    

Image taken during rehearsal for the 2006 Blue Lagoon performance​