The band members

Alan Christmas​

Guitar and vocals

David played bass guitar in a style influenced by Paul McCartney - "Smoker Will blow", and flute influenced by Herbie Mann - "Its Me", and sang harmony.  His strong sense of rhythm and harmonic integration provided a rigorous structure which engaged creatively with Graham Hunt's drum techniques. David has played in several bands since Aubrey Small, and now teaches Architectural Design, and writes music.

Alan wrote several of the songs performed by the band and his fine guitar work, reminiscent of Steve Stills and Neil Young perfectly complimented Pete's on solo's and harmonic riffs. Alan also sang harmony and played bass when David played flute. He now teaches guitar technique, collects guitars, and gigs with many Portsmouth Bands.

Pete wrote many of the songs performed by the band and his distinctive style and delivery can be heard clearly on numbers such as "Love On" and "Country Road". His experience in previous bands, outstanding musical proficiency and vocal ability, were of paramount importance in providing clarity and direction for the band. Pete now lives in France, has played in several bands,  and continues to write and record.  

Graham was a multi talented musician, playing many instruments as well as Drums and Xylophone to a high standard. He was a prolific songwriter, and wrote and sang many songs performed by the band. He is greatly missed by us all.

Rod often mistaken for Paul McCartney in the 70's, was pivotal in the group, both as a fine keyboard player and distinctive vocalist, but also as a dynamic presence providing much needed direction, stability, optimism and humour.  He collaborated with Pete on several songs  - "Trying to find my way" and "Born to Be "- are fine examples on the Album. Rod is currently playing in several bands  in the UK and Europe 

Apart from Graham Hunt, who sadly passed away in 1999, the remaining band members are all still active musicians playing writing and recording in the UK and France.


Alan Christmas   

Graham Hunt

Peter Pinckney


Rod Taylor


David Yearley



Peter Pinckney

Guitar and vocals

Rod Taylor​

Keyboards and vocals

David Yearley​

Bass, Flute / vocals

Graham Hunt​

Drums and vocals

at the time of the recordings