Trident Studios

Aubrey Small recorded their first album at London’s Trident Studios in 1971. It was technologically the most advanced studio in England at that time and had become the studio of choice for many of the great artistes of the day including The Beatles, George Harrison, David Bowie, Queen, Genesis, Free, Frank Zappa and many others. The producer chosen by the recording company was John Anthony who was great fun to work with but the real joy and privilege was that the house engineer was Ken Scott, who has become legend with his work before and after working on Aubrey Small’s album. He had just engineered “All Things Must Pass” for George Harrison and during their time at Trident the band were studio sharing with Harry Nilsson who was recording “Nilsson Schmilsson” produced by Richard Perry. It was a priceless experience being close at hand and watching such talented people create a great piece of work!

One day the band were taking a break from recording and went upstairs to grab a coffee and bumped into an old friend Ian Duck of Hookfoot, who Rod had known since his first job after leaving school. The shock was mutual at meeting in such unusual circumstances and it turned out that Ian had been playing on the Nilsson album and both he and another Hookfoot acquaintance, drummer Roger Pope from Southampton were mixing “Madman Across the Water” with Elton John - Hookfoot were his and Kiki Dee’s backing band at the time.