During the late sixties and early seventies, Portsmouth was a major centre for the music scene in the UK. Band members were all actively engaged in this scene both as members of other previous bands and as members of Aubrey Small. Peter Pinckney's Portsmouth based band Lace, were winners of an NME national band contest, receiving both local and National extensive press coverage. Rod. Alan and David were members of Sons of Man, a local band with a great following. Below are copies of various extracts from Aubrey Small's media coverage in the possession of band members. In addition to the Radio Broadcasts, and these media extracts, Aubrey Small's activities and contribution to the local and national music scene have been widely reported and referenced in the following excellent Publications ; John Peel - "In session tonight ", Bob Harris - "The whispering years", Dave Allen and Mick Cooper - "Pompey Pop Mix" , Dave Allen -  "Here Come the Sixties", Nigel Grundy - "My back pages".

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